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Kunstrasen Charming

Product Information

Through the ingenious mix of green and brown fibers, the synthetic turf Charming gets its natural look. This lawn is ideal for decorative surfaces and lawns for playing in the garden or for playgrounds.

The artificial turf mat has enough openings for a good water drain, so that no water on the lawn stops. In order to ensure that the fibers of the artificial turf always remain upright, we recommend infiltration of filling sand (quartz sand). With the sand, the fibers remain erect when walking, the mat is better loaded and extends the life of the artificial turf.

Charming is the ideal artificial turf for:

  1. the garden
  2. Events and fairs
  3. Pool Surrounds
  4. Roof terraces and balconies
  5. Playground equipment (underground)
  6. Terraces or porches
  7. Sports and games (not professional)

product details

  • Polyethylene monofilament
  • Fiber height: 38 mm
  • Stalk height, total: 40 mm
  • Grams per m2: 2885
  • 4 fiber colors                                 
  • Fill sand per m2: 5 kg          
  • 10 years warranty

Recommended sales price
Charming € 29.99 / m2